Liverpool Castle VR Sneak Preview

We are pleased to give you a sneak preview of the VR (Virtual Reality) Version of our Liverpool Castle Reconstruction 🙂 There is still a lot to be done and a lot of detail will have to be sacrificed so that the VR runs seamlessly, without frame drops (visual stuttering/lag). 

It is planned, that the player will start off in the inner main courtyard inside the castle. The player will then be able to walk anywhere within the castle and explore. As it stands, there is no surrounding environment, so it will not be possible to walk along the walls and enjoy the scenery from above. It is however, something we are working on in future.


We are toying with the idea of making it possible to go inside one of the buildings, bearing in mind that very little detail is known as to the actual interior style, so a bit of imaginative creativity will be required.


We will be displaying Liverpool Castle VR at the Museum Of Liverpool on 20th July between 1-4pm , so feel free to come along!


A final announcement will be made, once the castle is finished prior to the exhibition date, so stay tuned 🙂

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