My name is Toby and I am a 3D Digital Artist. 

I have always been interested in history since I was very young, always imagining shooting arrows from the towers of a castle! 

Having studied Interior Architecture in London, then moving to Nottingham Trent to study 3D Animation, I have learned quite a fair amount about structure, materials etc. Learning 3D Animation was fun and I have pushed myself to excel further to be more advanced.

I have over 8 years experience 3D modelling. I have explored many different approaches to digital heritage such as Virtual Reality, 360 Tours etc. These have proven to be very successful. 

My approach to my 3D reconstructions is to collaborate with historians, interpretation consultants, archaeologists and other relevant experts in the field. I am not an expert at architecture or history so I rely on as much information as possible to make the project accurate.

In my spare time, I am an obsessive hiker, climber, wild camper and angler. I also love to visit historical places whenever I can, even if that means taking a last minute exit off the motorway to visit a sign posted historical property!

I have met some amazing people during my time making 3D reconstructions and the support and praise has been incredible.


Member of the Association for Heritage Interpretation (AHI)



I have been fortunate to work/collaborate with or be featured by:
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